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As described in ‘our theory’, we are of the opinion that it is our mindset as a community that needs to change if we wish mankind to be more sustainable on this planet. Policies, regulations and sustainable development strategies can only be effective if we actually care deep down.

So our mission is to create places and spaces which inspire people to become sustainable by using this fundamental design principle: To celebrate nature in a space in a way which makes people aware of where things are from, and how to use nature to make food and consumer goods.

To celebrate is defined on google as this: “acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity”

In this page we will show you inspirational projects where we have celebrated nature and used the design principle to further our mission.

1) Countryside projects

The countryside holds more environmental qualities than the built environment. It should therefore be a place where we celebrate nature. If the countryside loses it’s natural qualities then what chance do we have of allowing nature to flourish in the built environment. For sure the rural environment should not just be preserved and isolated from society. It should be open for people to appreciate and learn from and to enjoy being within deep nature. Our examples are an expression of our perspective we have on the rural environment, and hope it inspires a sustainable mindset.
The image of the woodland project above shows how we can visit and enjoy the woodland at multiple levels. The images of the pig honey cider event above is an event where the honey, apple trees and pigs were all incorporated into the end event (click here for website).

2) Within built environment

The built environment is where most people live, work and play. Our design principles are needed here more than anywhere else. We have built green walls and done endless upcycling designs to allow for planting in an urban environment. A stepping stone to the urban farming future which we want to see.
Technology is changing our planet and our lives. That’s okay, it allows lots of people to live in one place. But we need to include nature which is connected to the bigger ecosystem, and use it to live off. 
Contemporary urban farming for our towns, cities and metropolis.

3) Within our professional capacity

We think landscape architects can design spaces which can inspire a mindset within communities to take care of their environment.
For example, the design and planning that Arthur Daw works on consists of environmental enhancements, green infrastructure projects, biodiversity offsetting and community engagement. This can be undertaken with the objective to inspire people to become sustainable.
Click here to see Arthur Daw landscape architect website.

4) With creative imagination


Sketching is not to define what a place looks like…. or to make a bad design look good. It is to hold on to the wisdom that we will never know what will happen to space. To create a space that allows for the unknown!
Sam Cheetham has a unique style and is responsible for lots of the sketches in this website. The magic of his sketches is that he steps back from detail and captures our imagination, leaving our mind to interpret the landscape and inspire us into thinking “what will happen next?”
Check his website and blog. In particular see his blog ‘BEYOND LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE – EXPLORING ALTERNATIVES TO THE NORMAL’.