Outdoor Learning

Description of the Woodland Project

In September 2016, we designed a master plan for a children's activity centre.

The challenge was to provide sustainable solutions to a piece of woodland which held events for young people to carry activities such as high ropes and archery.

The location was 10 minutes from the centre of Bristol and the design included:

  1. building a path out of recycled timber logs and wood chip;
  2. a series of underground tunnels for pot holing;
  3. a composting toilet;
  4. creation of insect habitats and wildlife enhancements
  5. a fence and hedge and improvements to a woodland shelter.

These features along with other sustainable woodland ideas were delivered with the help of a Bristol-based law firm, who supplied 120 volunteers as part of their CSR programme.

Sustainable Outcome

The work was very successful. Our designs were in-keeping with the existing surroundings and have been used well by the managers and the young people who use the site.