9th September 2020

Basha Billet

1. Private garden: Built an area of timber decking, steps and a wind-resistant fence. Designed the decking and sourced all the materials.

2. School growing project: Planted an apple tree, a lavender hedge, herbs and vegetables.

3. Youth Club: Upcycled tyres for play equipment. Built two raised herb planters and four raised vegetable beds. Planted an apple tree in the centre of a circular bench. Built the circular bench. Reused patio slabs. Managed eight volunteers who were there as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

4. Pub garden: Upcycled a piano and an old cart into a flower bed. Upcycled old wine crates into hanging baskets. Upcycled a pallet into a herb planter. The herb planter was fixed to the wall and used as a cocktail herb planter!

5. Youth club: Built raised planters made from scaffolding planks,. Built a pergola using an old climbing rope. Made a ‘hang out area’ by making a bench from upcycled pallets. Planted wildflowers that were local to the area. Installed a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation.

6. Activity centre: Managed 100 volunteers over the course of a week. The volunteers came to help improve, enhance and build an activity centre. The work included a kitchen hub unit, a compostable toilet and many other features sensitive to a woodland. Reduced the visual impact of an old shipping container by covering it with timber cladding.

7. Tree houses and activity centre: Built multiple tree houses and other structures in approximately ten centres across the UK and abroad.

8. Green wall: Installed a 12m x 6m green wall.

9. Youth club: Built a circular bench around a tree. Made a recycling unit (a space for firewood, a space for compost, a space for wood chip). Created a rain watering harvesting system with a bath as the overflow. Upcycled a bath into a wildlife pond. Worked with corporate volunteers.

10. Garden patio: Built a patio. Removed a tree. Planted an ornamental planting scheme in Kensington.

11. School outdoor learning centre: Built an outdoor classroom. Built and planted eight large raised beds. Built a clay oven from natural locally sourced materials. Installed a rainwater harvesting system. Built a composting system. Designed and built an outdoor kitchen. Created and planted up grass mounds and a mini grass amphitheatre.

12. Shepards hut: Built a Shepards Hut. Reused an old window. Upcycled old cast iron wheels.

13. Old Station House: Laid paving for a house which used to be an old train station.

14. After school garden club: Built a composting system. Built outdoor learning benches. Reused old paving. Built and planted a herb bed. Dug up and planted up a vegetable patch. Planted a hazelnut shrub area.

15. Upcycling: Used palettes to build furniture such as chairs and planters. Used fence panels and scaffolding boards to build vegetable planters. Reused railway sleepers to construct a bridge. Used old bathtubs for planters and wildlife ponds. Upcycled old bins to make wormeries. Even converted my old van into an amazing campervan (must get some good photos of that)… The list is endless.

16. Tree-house temple: Built a ‘tree-house temple’ using old telegraph poles. Design and built a toilet using old oak branches from an old oak tree nearby. Used an Alaskan sawmill to saw up a fallen ash tree into planks and boards. Used the timber boards made from the ash tree for furniture. Used cuttings from a willow tree located in the nearby stream to build living structures (a catering area and a fence).

17. Garden design project: Installed a gravel path. Built three pergolas. Designed and built a timber well (the timber well hides an unattractive manhole cover, and under the manhole cover is an old well.

18. Random: Uncovered Roman foundations while working on a job. Built large movable tree planter. Built and set fire to a timber castle made from palettes (Guy Fawkes Night).