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Our Motivation
Design, Plan, Sustain

Our approach to sustainability is to connect with the environment and humanity.

Look around at the surrounding ecosystems and human systems, and ask "what happens next?" This question is a complex one. But if you ask this question enough times, it soon becomes clear that everything around us is connected.

Our philosophy is that is good for humanity, is good for nature, and vice versa. For more information click HERE

  • What's Happening now?

    Indigenous people are stewards of 80% of the remaining biodiversity

  • What Happened before?

    99.9 percent of all species of plants and animals that ever lived

  • What's Happening Next to me?

    85% of adults reported that being in nature makes them happy


A unique approach to landscape design, planning and being sustainable

Managing Outdoor Spaces

Seed to Celebration garden
starts with identifying the
interactions between different 
endless relationships between
We use the 16 plants to get
started, but the idea is to find
more relationships over time,
and over the seasonal cycles.


Creating Special Places

We believe that what
makes a sustainable
place a sustainable
place is having an event!
This could be either a
planned, public or social
A culturally special place
for the local community.


Resilient Initiative to
Communities and
Being able to integrate
sustainable outdoor
spaces with special and
sacred places.
We support a landscape-led
approach to masterplanning.


Who are we?

Arthur Daw
Arthur Daw
Lee Billet
Lee Billet
Sam Cheetham
Sam Cheetham

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