We like to ask: What happens Next?

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Why we like to ask What Happens Next?
Green Spaces

TO CREATE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL GREEN SPACES…… We should maintain a balance where nature and people can both thrive. Using our design principles we think that any given space can provide multiple uses: (1) a space for nature to provide wildlife; (2) provide consumer things made from nature; (3) provide a place where the natural qualities provide us with an amenity…. Multiple functions in one space!


TO PROMOTE SELF-SUFFICIENCY…… By having fun and appreciating that everything we do is part of a bigger cycle inspires self-sufficiency. At What Happens Next we can encourage you to engage with all stages of a plant’s life cycle from the seed to the celebration; if you need help go to our online content or our book. We hope you will enjoy nature, become inspired to be self-sufficient, and ask the question: What happens next?


TO PROVIDE ENVIRONMENTAL ENHANCEMENTS…… To create wildlife habitats on a local scale is a positive contribution to global sustainability. Why? Because everything in nature is connected so creating wildlife on a local scale will help the environment of the earth …. To ask ‘what happens next’ is to appreciate that what you do locally affects the world globally…


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About US

Design inspring spaces. Become sustainable.

To create places and spaces which inspire people to become sustainable.

If we think... 1) “what happened before”, 2)“what happens next to me” and 3) “what happens next” with... 1) the things we consume, 2) the objects around us and 3) the environment we live in... we develop an awareness that everything is connected to nature.
To appreciate this is to understand that an ecosystem is a fragile and balanced system.
Our theory is that having this wisdom is fundamental if we want people to take responsibility for the environment we live in right now...

Design spaces which makes us aware that what we do now will have an impact in the future. What we do today will shape the world we live in tomorrow.

  • 52% of UK school children do not eat veg on daily basis
  • 64% of the population of Great Britain do not get their 5-a-day.
  • immersion in nature increases performance on a creativity, problem-solving task by a full 50%
  • % of schools saw rise in student self-esteem due to new outdoor learning spaces


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