29th September 2015


Welcome to our Blog Homepage

The What Happens Next Team are writing a monthly series of blogs relating to our food-growing philosophy, examples of some of the incredible projects out there (with occasional guest blogs) and what we are doing to encourage and support anyone to grab a handful of seeds, a trowel and experience the enjoyment of growing your own. We hope you enjoy the first Spring installment found here, all about the Seed to Celebration.

But first, an overview of who we are and what we’re all about…

What Happened Before

The Seed to Celebration Giveaway was originally piloted in 2015 during the Bristol Green Capital . Read here for details on the project and the blog (click here) on what we learnt. In short we wanted to give away information to every school in Bristol on how to grow from seed to celebration, and how to do this sustainably.

We believe the first step towards becoming sustainable is to educate and empower at the grassroots. So engagement with young people on how to grow, make then celebrate the produce in the garden is a great start.

The project in 2015 was a success and has laid the foundations for where the What Happens Next project is today

What is Happening Now?

From the success for the Seed to Celebration 2015 we are proud to announce more Seed to Celebration Giveaways.

We hope to work with communities to create more content on:

  • step by step garden tips
  • the garden through the seasons
  • how to manage the garden sustainably.
  • how to reuse seeds water and compost for the following year
  • how to celebrate the produce.

What Happens Next?

We want the Seed to Celebration Giveaway to to be taken up by anyone who wants to keep their sustainable projects alive in the future. Because this will mean more people in more places will be using their outdoor space sustainably over a longer period of time! The ultimate in sustainability!

So come join us and help inspire a sustainable urban farming movement which will stand the test of time, by working together and asking What Happens Next.

If you’d like to know more about the Seed to Celebration or many of the other services offered by the What Happens Next Project, please get in touch at info@whathappensnextproject.co.uk