27th April 2015

Ecosystems Celebrated

We want schools in Bristol to celebrate their natural environment from seed to celebration. It is our view that if you appreciate your local environment in context with natural life cycles, you will build a relationship with nature which results in a greater sense of environmental consciousness. We hope that this awareness will lead to actions to protect, enhance and conserve the ecosystems that surrounds you.

To achieve this connection between schools and nature we aim to introduce an edible plant to every school in Bristol which represents and supports local ecosystems.


We have assessed the environmental and ecological factors surrounding every school in Bristol, and sectioned them into areas with known wildlife networks. These areas can be seen on the map below. To support Bristol’s biodiversity, we have selected edible plants that will help enrich nature within those areas – these are listed in the key. These plants, like those accompanying this book, can be grown, made into food and celebrated.


If you are what you eat, we want you to be part of your environment!

To find out more about this initiative contact info@whathappensnextproject.co.uk