18th February 2018

Seed to Celebration Giveaway 2015

Seed to Celebration Giveaway 2015

In 2015 the What Happens Next Project gave away free learning resource called the Seed to Celebration Giveaway. It was for the Key Stage 2 teachers to every primary school in Bristol. The initiative was inspired by the Bristol 2015 European Green Capital.

The ‘Seed to Celebration Giveaway’ learning resources was designed to specifically help teachers to grow and cook food with their classes, and the resources contained:

  • 4 varieties of easy grow seeds (basil, rocket, beetroot and cress).
  • A 24 page A4 book containing step ­by ­step growing and cooking activities, with pictures.
  • 4 cheap and easy recipes that school children will love to make and eat.
  • Timings included so teachers know how to fit activities into the school day.
  • Incorporated learning outcomes for Maths, Science and English from the National Curriculum.
  • Health and safety assessment for each activity.

Seed to Celebration Giveaway Book

Each primary school in Bristol was sent a physical version of the book and seeds. The 2015 Seed to Celebration Giveaway book is accessible online. Click here to view the online Giveaway 2015 book (best viewed in full screen).

The pages are designed so that they can work as standalone worksheets for teachers to use. See the below downloads on growing instructions and recipes.

  1. Grow – Basil
  2. Make – Hey Presto Pesto
  3. Grow – Rocket
  4. Make – Rocket Launch Lunch
  5. Grow – Beetroot
  6. Make – Unbeatable Beet Burger
  7. Grow (take home) – The Living Egg (Cress)
  8. Make (take home) – Egg and Cress Sandwich
  9. Health and Safety


Funding from the University Young Enterprise.

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