9th November 2018

Seed to Celebration

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Hello and welcome...

Seed to Celebration (S2C) aims to inspire sustainability by celebrating what we create from seeds. It is at the heart of the What Happens Next Project and is an expression of what we see as a sustainable approach to growing food. Embedding the notion of a harvest celebration helps people to appreciate the hard work that goes into any garden project. We want to inspire and support activities that bring people and communities together to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour.

How it started

In 2015 The What Happens Next Project first tested the S2C idea and we gave away a free learning resource to every primary school in Bristol. The initiative was inspired by the Bristol 2015 European Green Capital and supported by Bristol Green Capital Partnership. Click here to read more about the 2015 case study.

The success of these pilots were proof of the S2C concept and we have since developed this further, into what it is today. S2C is a uniquely interactive set of resources, holistically designed to engage and educate young people, and empower grassroots food-growing projects. It also presents an opportunity to create a digital platform to enable the sharing of knowledge and information, offer inspiration and nurture creativity. We are currently working with schools and community groups to develop this new pilot further. 

So what's on offer?

S2C is available to anyone who wants to begin or maintain a successful food-growing project and equips people with the tools and resources to do so. We currently provide two levels of support:

  • Free S2C Giveaway: A set of general principles and sustainable practices to successfully grow 14 edible plants commonly found in a British garden. See here for more info.
  • Bespoke S2C Package: Designs, plans and plant profiles that are bespoke to an individual garden or space. See here for more info

Here's an example of how one of our interactive garden plans could work for you. Have a go by trying out the QR codes and links in the image below... Have fun!


Apple tree Lavender            Parsley  Thyme  Basil Rosemary  Sage  Oregano Marjoram        Potato  Carrot  Runnerbean  Rocket  Courgette   Pumpkin  
* Interactive garden plans are included within both levels of support

Want to get Involved?

We want to know if you are interested in growing, getting creative in the garden, celebrating and making videos.. As part of the S2C Giveaway, we are reaching and encouraging schools, community groups, youth clubs and individuals to follow the S2C and share their growing, making and celebrating experiences. We want you to upload and replace our current videos!!! Speak with us now at info@whathappensnextproject.co.uk to discuss how we can work together.