8th April 2015

Wallscourt Farm

Wallscourt Farm Academy invited us into their classrooms to teach a number of classes using our Seed to Celebration Programme. We started a class growing beetroot on a patch of land in their playground, we taught them how food waste can be turned into plant nutrients and we celebrated with delicious meals that the students had made. Take a look:



"We have been incredibly lucky to have experienced the What Happens Next Project at Wallscourt Farm Academy.The children and myself have all realised how easy and fun the journey from growing, to cooking and to the end celebration can be!

The simple but effective growing instructions and recipes – plus the sunny weather – allowed us to learn outside, only going in to use the oven and wash hour hands

As a teacher, organising growing and cooking activities can become a time consuming process. However, the WHNP resources have been carefully considered which allowed me to run the activities with ease. " 

Thanks for our seed to celebration journey!!" 

- Emma Smith, primary school teacher.