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Example 1 – A Wellness Container

In 2022 we built a container which is for a weekend retreat. For those who like a slowcation. Here, what is good for nature is good for the well-being for the guests. And what is good these guests is good for the surrounding nature. The design demonstrates how the ‘event’ was designed before the space.

Example 2 – Pig Honey Cider

Since 2012, we have put on small ‘events’ where the location, the community and the environment was designed before planning the space. The name of the evet was Pig Honey Cider. It was an event where the honey, apple trees and pigs were all celebrated on a special occasion (click here fowebsite).

Example 3 – Tree Temple

In 2018, a sacred tree temple was built in the woods. This place is more than just a weekend retreat, or a place to celebrate nature, this place is a sacred place. Click here to see more photos and read more about the design!