9th November 2018

Seed to Celebration Pack

Free Seed to Celebration Giveaway – available to download by clicking the links below

Why a Giveaway?

We like to celebrate growing food from seeds for the following reasons:

  • We firmly believe that everyone should not only have access to healthy food but also be empowered with the knowledge and ability to maintain and preserve that access, through a bottom – up approach. 
  • We want participation with communities to happen naturally.
  • We have learnt that celebration events for the produce that’s grown, are powerful tools to encourage people to always think what happens next. This translates into an appreciation for the land and nature within those spaces, fostering stewardship over community assets.

That is why we are giving away the following set of resources and information for free. It will inspire people to ask… “What Happens Next?”

What do I need to do?

  1. Download the information available from the links below.
  2. Print and laminate the interactive plant labels and place them onto the raised beds or fix to stakes in the garden and get scanning!
  3. Work through the management plan and information from the interactive plant labels, following the instructions to make sure your seeds and plants are healthy for harvest.
  4. Whether you decided to use the Celebration Book or not, tell us how you decided to celebrate your harvest.
  5. Have a go at making videos of your own! We want to see all of your amazing gardening projects out there – make a video of a particular part of the gardening step and share with the food growing community on our online platform.
  6. Feedback us your experiences using the S2C to help us improve continue to improve it.. i.e. what other plants do you want to see enter the S2C pack? Let us know.
Interactive Plant Labels (free)       

QR codes providing monthly guides on how to successfully grow each plant

  1. Management Plan (free)     
  2. Summer Celebration-book-2019
  3. Autumn_Celebration_2019



Also see our resources from 2015: 

Seed to Celebration Management Book   


Bespoke Seed to Celebration Pack – unique to your food growing space!

Bespoke Garden Plan – £50
Bespoke Management Plan – £150
Starter kit for kids – £50
  • Garden Guardian chart
  • Seeds and trays to get you started
  • Workshop plans
  • Hard copies of books


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